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Nutrition Program

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Nutrition Counseling

Many of our tastes, food cravings, and general attitudes toward food are strongly influenced by our environment. The average modern diet is loaded with sugar, fat and sodium, all of which condition us to want more of these items. Drastically cutting calories, eliminating entire food groups or depriving yourself of foods you actually like are not strategies for long-term success. Here at Transformations Health and Healing, we provide comprehensive nutrition programs to help you manage your health in a, sustainable way. Our nutrition programs are packed with a toolkit of resources and strategies to help you maintain optimal health for a lifetime. We don't just provide you with a nutrition plan but we provide guidance, education and ongoing support through our meal planning and mindful eating apps. The apps, powered by Eat Love and ATE , allows our nutritionist to provide consistent monitoring  and on-demand feedback. 


Whether you have specific lifestyle preferences or looking for dietary support in managing a medical condition, our registered dietitians and licensed nutritionist work with you to build a plan specific to your needs and goals. You nutrition plan is developed in concert with your healthcare team. This team approach ensures that we are effectively and seamlessly addressing  all of your nutrition needs. 

Our programs support the following conditions. 



General Health, Individual Weight Loss, Therapeutic Diets,  Meal Planning, Mindful Eating



High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Iron Deficient Anemia, B12 Anemia, Chronic Pain, Cancer


Nutrition Counseling

Clients receive 1-on-1 support from a licensed nutritionist through individualized counseling, offering  tools to achieve and sustain your health goals. Our licensed nutritionist provide the following services: nutritional counseling, individual weight loss, therapeutic diets, holistic health coaching. 


Mindful Eating

Our mindful eating program powered by Ate provides a convenient way to photo log your meals. Clients will connect with their internal hunger cues to develop positive relationships with the food they eat. Best of all is the built in accountability. Receive real-time coaching from our health coach through our chat feature. It's like having a personal health coach in your pocket.

Meal Planning with Accountability Coaching

Work with our nutritionist to develop a customized meal plan powered by Eat Love. Receive dietitian approved, easy to follow recipes, smart restaurant choices, and grocery lists with optional grocery and meal delivery. What's more, your nutritionist will provide ongoing feedback and support along the way to help you stay on track and meet your goals. 


Not sure which program is right for you?

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