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Fitness & Nutrition

50 + Fitness

50+ Fitness provides safe and effective fitness programs that  meet the unique needs of women as they age. We utilize a variety of training methods that support enhanced quality of life. Our program includes training that simulates movements you make in your daily life like carrying groceries, reaching for something on the top shelf, performing housework or simply picking up your grandchildren.


Training methods include low-impact cardio, strength, resistance, balance, and flexibility. Clients have the option of performing the exercises seated or standing and are always encouraged to work within their fitness level to prevent injury. So whether you use a walker or are fully mobile; training individually or in a class, our training is individually crafted for YOU. You'll be surrounded by a trainer and like minded women in a fun, non-judgmental environment. 


Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is offered as one-on-one instruction. This 50-minute session integrates a series of corrective exercises to help problematic movement patterns and help restore overall health and wellness. The personalized program offers step-by-step coaching to support clients safely improve musculoskeletal disorder, physical movement, increase self-confidence, and boost self-esteem so they can return to doing the things they love.


We  offer specialized  exercise therapy for the following conditions: multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis. 

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We recognize the importance of nutrition in any wellness journey. That's why we've included a nutritional component in ever fitness program. Clients have the option of working with our licensed nutritionist or certified fitness nutritionist who will develop a customized nutrition plan with built-in accountability and support. Our nutrition programs specialize in the following: nutrition counseling, individualized weight loss, therapeutic diet, meal planning, and mindful eating. 


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