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Transformations Health and Healing LLC holistic wellness programs help you shape your life in a way that empowers you to achieve a sustainable transformation.


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Wellness programs might not be uncommon in this day and age, but what makes us different is the fact that we consider each individual as a unique being. So we won’t be handing out general tips and advice just for the sake of it.

We’ll be setting milestones for your personal growth and development that are only applicable to your journey.


Our Wellness Programs


Transformations Essential

This 4-week program is geared towards clients who want to jump-start their total health transformation.

This comprehensive approach to weight loss includes a nutrition plan created by a registered dietitian and a customized fitness plan.

Transformed Living

This 12-week program is packed with everything you need to build a total wellness regiment that fits your lifestyle and gets results!

You'll be assigned a registered dietitian and a fitness program; both tailored to fit your needs, availability, and goals.


The Healing Place

The Healing Place is more than just a health and wellness program; it is a place where we create hope for a pain-free future.

Our customized healing packages help you achieve your health and wellness goals by providing exercise, nutrition, and health and wellness coaching expertise.

Senior Wellness

We offer specialized nutrition and fitness programs tailored to meet your individual needs.

Our staff specialized in restorative fitness and geriatric nutrition, giving you the tools to improve mobility, simplify mealtime preparation, and enhance your overall quality of life.


Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness Program is designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellness that creates and builds a culture of good health.

Each program has been developed to assist employees in making voluntary behavior changes which reduce their health and injury risks, improve their health consumer skills, and enhance their individual productivity and well-being.

Spiritual Wellness

As the pace of life accelerates, we look for support to find balance, a sense of purpose, and move forward with confidence. We are all learning to adjust to the constant demands of career, motherhood, and ministry.

Sometimes we need to retreat into an environment where we don’t need to worry about the 'to-do’ lists. Our Spiritual Wellness Program allow you to do just that.

What Our Programs

Provide You


Professional Practice

Licensed professionals manage your progress in a caring, supportive and non-judgmental way. 


Transformational Coaches

Transformational coaches guide you, encourage you, challenge you, and stay by your side every step of the way.


Customized Plans

Weight management and holistic health plans designed according to your needs and goals.


Affordable Prices

We won't blow your budget just to give you a temporary makeover. We offer affordable programs to change your life.


Together We Will Achieve

Your Goals

We believes any health, wellness, weight loss, or healing journey is depended on shaping the mind to embrace the change.

Our primary goal is to uplift your spirit and provide you with the necessary tools to sustain your wellness goals.

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Begin your transformational journey by scheduling your free consultation with a transformational coach.

Together, we will discuss your health and fitness goals, determine how we will customize a wellness program specifically for you, and begin our journey towards a healthier and happier you!

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