12-Week Wellness Program

Transformed Living

The Transformed Living 12-Week program is packed with everything you need to build a wellness regiment that fits YOUR lifestyle and gets RESULTS!

You'll be assigned a registered dietitian and a fitness program; both tailored to fit your needs, availability, and goals.

While our dietitian and fitness experts work to develop and redefine your body, our transformational coach will work seamlessly to provide that extra push that you need to sustainably transform your body, mind, and spiritual well-being.


What’s Included


Nutrition Counseling

Healthy Lifestyle and Medical Nutrition Therapy

Through this nutrition program, we are committed to giving you a
life free from dieting and creating long-lasting results.


You will be partnered with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) from Anderson's Nutrition

to be your nutrition guide through individualized counseling, offering you tools to achieve and sustain your health goals.

Your RDN will be available to discuss your nutrition-related health needs, as well as your physical activity goals.


Anderson's Nutrition provides the following services during your appointments:


Fitness Coaching

Customized Fitness Plans

Through this program, you can choose from any of the workout programs and/or coaches that work best for you!

We are partnered with an array of personal trainers allowing you to choose a fitness plan

that will work best for your lifestyle and overall transformation.

Whether you want exercise in the privacy of your own home, or would rather be a part of a boot camp group class, our fitness programs will be exactly what you need to burn fat, gain strength, and transform your body!


You can choose from any of the following fitness programs


Transformational Coaching

One-on-one Wellness Coaching

Throughout this program, you will be working with a Transformational Coach to create sustainable change through behavior modification and spiritual connection.


Our Transformational coaches that guide you, encourage you, challenge you and stay by your side every step of the way.

We are here to create long-lasting results that go far beyond our 12-week program. At Transformations Health & Healing, our coaches work with you to dive deep into your subconscious mind to discover where you hold limiting beliefs regarding your health, weight, wellness, and happiness.

We work with you to create a new subconscious belief system, one that encourages your transformation for years to come!

Schedule Your Free


Begin your transformational journey by scheduling your free consultation with a transformational coach.

Together, we will discuss your health and fitness goals, determine how we will customize a wellness program specifically for you, and begin our journey towards a healthier and happier you!

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