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Personal Training


Achieving Your Fitness Goals with Professional Guidance


Getting in shape can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially if you're not sure where to start or what exercises are best for your body type and fitness level. That's where personal training can come in handy - with the help of a trained fitness professional, you can create a personalized workout plan that caters specifically to your needs, preferences, and goals.



1) Tailored workout plans: Your personal trainer will create a customized program that factors in your fitness level, injury history, and goals, making sure that every exercise is safe and effective.


2) Motivation and accountability: Your trainer will push you to your limits and keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals, holding you accountable every step of the way.


3) Expert guidance: With their knowledge and experience, our personal trainers can ensure that you're using proper form and techniques during each exercise, minimizing the risk of injuries and maximizing results.


4) Variety: Your trainer will introduce new exercises and routines to keep your workouts interesting and challenging, preventing boredom and plateauing.


5) Support and encouragement: Our personal trainer is also a friend and mentor who provides emotional support and encouragement, helping you stay positive and dedicated even when the going gets tough.



Our personal training offers customized workout programs delivered through 1 -on-1 live sessions and virtual applications. You will have the option to work-out on with a personal trainer, one-one-one, with a partner or small group or virtually through our virtual fitness class or on-demand workout plans with trainer. 


In-Person Personal Training

Whether your goal is weight loss or strength and conditioning training, we offer personal training customized to your fitness needs and goal. Our certified personal trainers work with you to design a fitness  program using the latest fitness assessments and evidence based training techniques. We'll match you with a personal trainer who meets your unique fitness needs, personality and fitness level. You'll have the option to train as you go or select one of our bundles.

On Demand Personal Training

Our on demand personal training helps you lose weight, gain strength, tone muscles, reduce stress and reach your fitness goals. No need for a gym membership. Workout out anywhere, anytime with hundreds of on-demand workouts to fit any fitness level. Whether you're looking for a 5-minute stretch or a 45-minute HIIT Training these budget friendly programs taught by top personal trainers will boost your energy and get results.  

Fitness Nutrition

We know that food proper nutrition is one of the most important aspect of body composition. With an increase in fad diets and nutrition expert opinions, it’s not always easy to determine what nutrition plan is best for you. We'll work with you to customize a nutrition plan and provide coaching to combat barriers and triggers that may prevent you from achieving sustainable results. 


Ready to Get Started?


Initial Evaluation ( 60 Minutes) $ 45.00


$350 - 4 weeks, 3 sessions

$550 - 8 weeks, 5 sessions

$625 -12 weeks, 7 sessions

*All packages are self-pay: Pay in 4 interest free installments with AFTERPAY

Not sure which program is right for you?

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